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What is your biggest Leadership Challenge right now?

I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn to learn what people are seeing as their biggest leadership challenges at the moment. The choices were:

Keeping my best people
Staying positive
Motivating my team
Knowing where to put my focus
Having time with my family
There were 148 responses with 33% identifying their number one challenge as “knowing where to put my focus” and 31% saying that “staying positive” was the biggest challenge for them.

It gets really interesting when you look at some of the demographic breakdowns of the responses:

70% of business owners (vs. managers and VP’s) are unsure about where to put their focus
68% of people aged 35 and over are concerned with staying positive compared to 32% of those under 35
Women leaders are slightly more challenged with keeping positive than men.
So what does this small sampling say? Some of us are feeling confused and a bit lost. By not knowing where to focus for the best outcome, we may be having difficulties seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If we, as leaders, are feeling that way, how does that affect the performance of our teams and our companies?

I have some ideas on what we can do, but before sharing them, I would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

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