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Executive & Business Coaching

Being a great leader or running an amazing organization means understanding people and impacting them in a way that inspires them. Successful organizations need successful leaders – people who make meaningful contributions towards the company while fulfilling their own individual dreams.

But oftentimes, hurdles and mental blocks prevent you from achieving these goals.  I founded Thumbprint Coaching to fill the growing need for leadership, team, interpersonal skills, and business coaching.  Clients are eager to learn how they can make themselves and their companies more successful, and are looking for tried and true methods to get ahead.

As an executive coach and consultant, I help you uncover these obstacles and guide you in your capacity as a leader, manager, or team towards different perspectives, renewed focus, and clarity about your true talents and aspirations.

The solutions to most of our problems can frequently be found within ourselves. All it takes to bring them to light is a fresh outside approach and a different point of view.

Business Coaching Services in San Ramon

Coaching provides you with the perspective and the use of some very efficient techniques that will help you explore new avenues and possibilities. Through the Thumbprint Coaching process, I will work with you on creating an individual roadmap that leads to improved performance, heightened influence, increased emotional intelligence, more career satisfaction and, ultimately, a realization of your true potential.

Business coaching is closely tied to leadership development, because the health of your organization is so often dependent upon your mindset and management abilities. The coaching process strives to help you take your company to the next level, aligning your personal goals with the mission of your business.

Observing how sometimes only a few powerful changes are able to transform a life and business is very rewarding to see. It is what really motivates me as a coach. How would I describe myself? Practical, intuitive and creative, and with a deep understanding of different cultures, mentalities and ways of life. Prior to founding Thumbprint Coaching Inc., I spent over 15 years in leadership, management and consulting roles, primarily in the finance and high-tech industries, and I have had the pleasure of working with numerous clients throughout the U.S., India, Asia, and the U.K.

My business background ties perfectly with coaching; it provides me with the advantage of understanding the challenges you face and the systems within which you operate from the perspective of real world-experience.

Business and leadership coaching services

I know what it takes to set out on a journey that is efficient, focused and fulfilling, and I want to share it with you.

Since launching my company in 1997, I have coached individuals and teams on all organizational levels and worked for companies around the world. Among them were clients such as:

The Mars Corporation
Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Standard Life Assurance (UK)
Juniper Networks
The Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Reed Exhibition Companies
Epson (UK)
Virgin Mobile
QuickLogic, Inc.
coaching as a helping hand for the business

Coaching Certifications & Associations

Instructor in the Business and Management Departments of the University of California, Irvine and Santa Cruz, Extension programs
Graduate of CoachU
Member of the International Coaching Federation
Member of the American Society of Training and Development
Trained and experienced with a variety of assessment tools such as DISC, PIA&V, Tri-Metrix, True Colors, various 360 Degree instruments and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator used to improve individual awareness and team relationships
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