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Leadership & Team Development Coaching

Working side-by-side to get you to the next level

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new or an experienced manager – coaching is a powerful tool that will help you get ahead at any stage of your business. Team development is one of the most sought-after types of coaching we provide. Enhancing your communication skills, getting more cooperation from your team or improving your business results – working with a coach provides you with the support and the look “from outside” that will not only progress your career, but also help you gain more satisfaction in other aspects of your life.

As a coach with a business background, I bring the requisite insight, understanding and know-how to the table that can help you overcome your challenges and accelerate the process to move forward. You can expect pragmatic practical advice, business perspective, intuition and the knowledge of many years of wide-ranging international experience.

“If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading”
– Lao Tzu

So, if you are facing any of these (or other) leadership and team development challenges, please get in touch!

You’ve been appointed to lead a large team, but you’ve never had to manage so many people. Discover how to motivate a diverse group of personalities and quickly make a positive impact. Coaching is a powerful way to optimize the development of you and your team.
You want to be more of a leader (inspiring individuals to be self-motivating) and less of a manager (telling people what to do). We will work together to help you identify and develop the skills and behaviors of an inspirational leader.
Team members aren’t working as a cohesive unit, so you’re spending valuable time resolving disagreements. Coaching for team development creates the true cooperation necessary to achieve maximum performance through techniques to build trust within the team, handle conflicts effectively, and hold each other accountable to achieve the team goals.
Despite your excellent performance, you aren’t progressing in your career. Through 360 Degree Feedback I will show you how to gain an objective view of your leadership performance and capabilities so you can truly assess your next career move.
You want to find more effective and efficient ways to attract and retain the best candidates for your company. Using a job benchmarking process, you will not only attract them but you will save time and money by hiring the right people the first time and decreasing their learning curve so they are fully productive in a shorter period of time.
As a business with 1 to 500 employees, you want to understand how to tackle the challenges facing you in your current and future stages of growth. Working with your executive team, we will identify the main challenges around people, process and profitability that may be hampering your growth. We help you and your team focus on the key initiatives to tackle as you continue to grow your business.
Several main players in your company have conflicting ideas that are impacting important decisions and taking the company off track.Coaching for team development helps your leadership unite and focus on key initiatives to tackle as you continue to grow your business.
team development coaching services in San Ramon

– Leadership & Team Development
– Executive Coaching
– Interpersonal Skills Coaching
– Team and Individual assessments
– On-board coaching for new hires or promoted executives
– Job Benchmarking, Talent Selection and Succession Planning
– Organizational Design and Development
– Consulting and speaking

I work with individuals at every level, from C-suite to team leaders and in a variety of functions, ranging from finances and engineering to sales and marketing, and including leadership and team development programs that can be applied across your entire organization.

Not only do participants on her programs and her “coachees” attest to this, the results of our annual employee survey testify to the change. Year-on-year we have improved our leadership and communication scores and the improved leadership and communication has real ROI for our organization.

Vice President, Human Resources

You truly had a profound impact on my management style: how I manage my team, delegate responsibility (and) take responsibility to make sure that I am doing things for myself professionally.

Nadine S.

At each stage Judy has helped me to uncover my potential and passion as well as develop the mind-set and skill-set I need for each role and challenge. This has been especially true in regard to the development of my leadership capabilities. My journey of growth continues and so will my partnership with Judy.

Catriona Wiley
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