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I’m Judy Knight and executive coaching is my passion. Companies around the world hire me as a coach and business consultant to help their executives, teams and managers lead themselves to where they need to go

Are you ready to step up?

To grow your team and deepen your relationships? To be clear about what you stand for?
To achieve results and feel alive and confident?

Executive Coaching Creates Amazing Leaders

Envision this: The people in your organization show up every day with focus, enthusiasm and feeling inspired – Every one of them motivated and eager to contribute to the growth of your company. Can you imagine just how much such a business culture would transform your bottom line? This happens when there are influential, supportive leaders – at all levels.

Sometimes all it takes to transform your life and business is to recognize and address the mental blocks that stand in your way. Are you willing to remove yours?

I help clients see the things they are too close to see and show them how small positive changes can create huge results. Based on each individual’s own unique style, we build on strengths and natural gifts and work on overcoming obstacles and challenges.

Coaching helps executives and leaders throughout organizations gain clarity, awareness and renewed focus, invaluable tools for confronting challenges and dealing with the complexities of key decisions.

My approach combines the skills, techniques, and powerful assessment tools of coaching with the business insight as a former leader and manager. I understand complex business challenges and systems and I’m a close observer of business and leadership trends.

Executive coaching is a way to uncover your true potential and develop into an authentic, purpose-driven leader. Ready? I’d love to hear from you!

executive coaching services from thumbprint coaching based in San Ramon

Some of the goals I have helped individuals and organizations achieve include:

Increasing the ability of executives to influence and motivate
Assisting leaders in building more effective teams
Identifying managers with high potential and developing realistic succession plans
Showing individuals how to overcome hurdles to achieving their career goals
Supporting the progress of leadership presence – helping leaders establish a “strong voice” that is authentic, confident and gets attention.

Judy has been a key partner in our organizational and leadership development activities world wide and for the last four years has brought about significant and tangible change in our capabilities to work collaboratively and effectively together. Not only do participants on her programs and her “coachees” attest to this, the results of our annual employee survey testify to the change. Year-on-year we have improved our leadership and communication scores and the improved leadership and communication has real ROI for our organization. We look forward to many more successful years of partnership, growth and organizational success with Judy. 

Vice President Human Resources
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